Finances & Surety

Terms of Commercial Contracts

Key Construction Services (KCS) competes commercially within all regulatory and legal requirements. Our employees always practice the highest standards of business ethics, never permitting the reputation or legal standing of the company to be jeopardized or questioned. KCS is a fully insured contractor with flexible bonding capabilities to guarantee satisfactory completion of projects. We bid on bonded prime contracts and non-bonded work.

Government Contracts

pc加拿大28公众号信誉群 Because KCS is a supplier to Federal, State and Local Governments in the U.S., employees are expected to comply with all laws and regulations relating to government contracting and to cooperate fully with authorized government representatives who request information in connection with such contracts.


KCS advocates transparency, collaboration, and straightforward communication to resolve disputes in a timely manner. For this reason, the company does everything it can to avoid litigation with our clients and subcontractors. We believe no problem is too complex to solve through cooperation and creativity.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

Consistent with the Key Construction Services, LLC Employee Agreement, which is executed at the time of hire, no employee discloses confidential or proprietary information to anyone other than those within the company who have a ‘need to know.’ Employees are to use every effort to protect and safeguard such information. Similarly, KCS employees respect confidentiality obligations stemming from their former employers.

Supplier Selection & Conflicts of Interest

KCS employees use non-discriminatory practices throughout the supplier and vendor selection process. Every employee avoids any situation in which personal or family interests conflict with the company. Any employee with a financial interest in an actual or potential supplier or customer must disclose that interest to management.

KCS's Competitors

Key Construction Services competes fairly and vigorously with companies who provide similar products and services. Employees shall not disparage competitors or their products. In addition, employees shall not fraternize with the competitors as such conduct may give the appearance of collusion or unfair trading practices.

KCS respects confidential information about its competitors and does not solicit or accept confidential or proprietary competitor data. Employees who inadvertently receive any confidential information or become aware or an offer of such information should immediately contact the Legal Department.